Sunday, 10 November 2013

Maybelline colour sensational review

Hey guys!
So I know I haven't blogged in what seems like forever and I'm not sure if it's because we went back to school and I don't have much time or what but I'm going to try and blog at least once a week. 

Anyway, on with the review. I purchased this about a week ago and so far I've been loving it. The formula is really creamy and refreshing. It also smells really nice which is always a bonus.

The thing that attracted me to this product was the packaging. It was so pretty and I just had to look at the colours. t's in the colour electric orange. I chose this because I wanted a red/orangey shade. ( I known it's not the best for autumn/winter but those colours don't really suit me). The only thing I would say is it doesn't really come with much product for the price it is which is kinda disappointing.

It's extremely pigmented but does wear off thorough the day if it's not topped up. This was £7.19 and personally I think it's worth it.
More from me soon! (I promise) x

Sunday, 3 November 2013

November Wishlist

2. Essie nail varnish in "Sable Collar"

These items are perfect for autumn/winter (my fav seasons! :). I love the deep colours (excluding the socks but you need a little colour). I really want to try new lipstick colours because I usually go for nudes which is boring so why not now? I think comfy knee high socks are a essential for snuggling up in and some warm cosy boots are needed for those snowy winter walks. 

I can't wait for Christmas and snow. I think it's the prettiest of seasons and I adore the fashion, the colours, the cold, the rain and how you can curl up in your bed with some hot chocolate and your comfiest clothes. It just makes me happy inside :)

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Ice cream phone case!

Recently I got a new phone case and I thought...why not blog it? In my opinion its amaaazzinggg. It's described as a ice cream look as you can probably see from the photo. it's pink and white with drips on the back. On the front there is two drips at the top which I think adds a nice effect to spice up the front. I guess it's just different.


I bought this from ebay for £2.99 with postage free. This is also a IPhone 4 or 4s case but IPhone 5 cases in the same style are available on eBay. I think this is a perfect case because it looks lovely and protects your phone. The link
I hope you've enjoyed reading, more from me soon x

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Hair bow tutorial

I was scrolling through YouTube a couple of days ago and found a really pretty hair tutorial. It seemed easy enough so I tried it out and I'm not in love with the look so I had to share it with you all. If you follow me on Instagram you'll have seen a recent picture of what the "hair bow" looks like. It's sooo simple and can be achieved in 3 easy steps. I hope you like and can re create this beautiful, girly look!

1. First get a generous section of your hair at the back and tie it like you would a pony tail. At the last loop only pull your hair through half way and leave a mini bun/loop.

2. Separate the loops evenly in half and pin them back (this should now be looking like a bow). You can pin them right back or leave them hanging loosely to create more of a messy look. (I opted for the messy look)

3. From below your bow take a strand of hair and pin it up through your bow to cover up the hairband in the middle.

I hope you like it! I think its perfect for a simple everyday look. Enjoy!

The video I found that may be more useful!

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Maybelline Baby lips

Hey guys.
So I got these babies (get it) a few days ago and so far im looooving them. I have pink punch, hydrate, intense care, mint fresh and cherry me. They cost £2.99 each which isn't too bad. They feel so smooth on my lips and I especially love pink punch and cherry me as They're tinted and gives my lips a beautiful bright shade as well as hydrating them. These are a essential for hot days and going to the beach (If you're going on holiday) as most of them have a SPF of 30. I carry one with me everywhere now! Kinda addicted.

I highly recommend these and think they're defiantly worth the hype! I hope you enjoyed this blog post, more from me soon! 

Friday, 16 August 2013

London Haul! Primark, Forever 21 and Boots ♡

Hey guys!
So today I went to London with my friend, Lizzie, and we had a amazing guessed I wanted to share with you what we got; I thought you might be interested. I hope you enjoy!

BOOTS  plus M&M World and Topshop

1. Tangle teezer £10.99
OH MY GOD. This is incredible. Apparently eight of these are sold every minute, and I can now see why. It doesn't hurt when I brush my hair! It's crazy. I can't think of anything else to say other than it's amazing and you should go and get one straight away!

2. Maybelline Baby lips £2.99
Blue- This aims to hydrate you lips and smells amaaziingg and feels incredibly soft when applied.
Yellow - This is called "Intense care". It also feels very soft when applied and repairs your lips.
Green/Yellow - This is called Minty fresh and keeps you lips smelling nice (good for a unexpected kiss huh, no more bad breath :D)

3. Topshop lipstick in Saint - £8
I brought this because Becca ( wears it aaaall the time and it always looks so beautiful on her so I decided to take the plunge and buy it. I love the colour because it's subtle but still adds colour to your face.

4. Sinful colors in Island coral - £1.99
I wanted to try out the Sinful colors make so I decided to pick up a coral colour as I don't have one in my collection. I tried it out and it's such a pretty colour - I need more of these! The formula was amazing and they have such a good colour range.

5. M&Ms! (Don't know price sorry)
I just had to get some, and omgee they are soo yummy. They taste better than the normal ones in the packet to me (they probably don't im just really weird). But mmmm gurl they so good.


I got this beautiful owl necklace which was £3.90. I'm kinda obsessed with owls at the moment so I fell in love straight away. It does seem kinda a lot for a necklace but for owls, I shall pay anything. 


There is soooo many nice this in the Oxford Street Primark at the moment, I was bombarded with amazing clothes and jewellery. I got 3 necklaces for £2. There is one with a peace sign, one with a cross and one with what looks like a tooth. I got these because I always think necklaces make a outfit look more interesting and add the finishing touches. The top I got was £9 (quite a lot for Primark but hey ho). I fell in love as soon as I put it on. I adore the pattern on the front and certainly doesn't look like it's come from Primark! Its translucent so I'd have to wear something underneath. I think it looks sophisticated but girly, a look I love.

So to finish it all off, I HAD to get a starbucks (Lime refresher) mmmm so yummy. I hope you enjoyed reading this Haul as much as I did writing it. I can't wait to post again. Lots of love,

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Introducing myself

Hey guys!
So as I just started this blog, I thought I'd do 25 Facts about me so y'all can get to know me. I can't wait to blog loads more and look forward to a new experience!

25 Facts about me

1. My full name is Elizabeth Emily Hughes

2. I'm a vegetarian 

3. I'm 15 going into year 11 at High school 

4. The options I took at school are Triple science, Childcare, Geography and PE

5. I aspire to be a Midwife 

6. I have a dog called Lokie (Pronounced Lok-ee not Loki)

7. My sister (9) is called Kathryne and my brother (12) is called Robin 

8. I live near Shipston-On-Stour in a small cute town 

9. I'm shy if I don't know you 

10. I'm very very very very pale like white srysly

11. I love pizza 

12. Fav colour Is lilac or purple 

13. I have a ton of freckles on my arms and face (ew) 

14. I love the idea of a bath but don't really like them when I'm actually in them 

15. I can't catch/hit a ball 

16. I love Instagram and twitter 

17. Addicted to the Internet 

18. I've fallen in love

19. I try to live a organised life 

20. When it comes to it, I really work hard for the things I want to do well in 

21. I enjoy school 

22. I wear glasses/contact lenses 

23. I like unhealthy foods and shopping a little too much

24. Little things make me super happy 

25. I'd rather have one or two best friends than a million fake ones