Sunday, 2 March 2014

Naked 1 Palette

I got this pallet at Christmas and I was amazed at how utterly beautiful it was. The packaging is adorable and is so soft and professional. I know it's kinda old now because the naked 3 has come out but I still think the colours are perfect.

The shades vary from a light white/cream (virgin) to a shimmery black (creep) and a beautiful blue (gunmetal). The shades are very neutral which I like as I'm not one for going out of my comfort zone! It comes with a brush and mirror which is always useful on the go.

The packaging looks and feels amaaaazing. It's feels like velvet (not sure if it is). I love how sleek and professional it looks. The prices vary depending on where you get it from but from Debenhams it's £37.00. Which in my opinion is a lot but you do get 12 eye shadows.

Thanks for reading! -Lizz

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